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It’s a collaborative effort here on Bantayan Island! Today YPDR worked in conjunction with one of our partner organizations, SAMU, to provide medical treatment to 107 people in desperate need in Barangay Sungko. YPDR located patients for SAMU’s medical professionals during surveys that we were conducting to review the progress of the homes we are building with Polish Humanitarian Action in the area. Patients were brought to the Barangay Hall where they were treated by doctors and nurses.

SAMU’s motto is “We love saving lives” and they have proven it by doing great work providing free medical care to people here on Bantayan. Many people on the island still have injuries and illnesses that have been left untreated since Typhoon Yolanda. SAMU is looking for qualified doctors and nurses to join their team. Visit www.samu.es for more information if you are a medical professional looking to volunteer. Don’t forget to like SAMU’s Facebook page, Fundación SAMU.



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  • robelyn santillan
    Apr 05, 2014 at 02:00 pm

    hope u xtend ur mission here in Bantayan Island.So that me and my siblings can benefit ur housing project.God bless you…

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