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Amakan – primary material for walls of Phase 3 House

Did you know that the walls of our newly re-designed homes are comprised of locally sourced bamboo fiber which is woven into a matting called, amakan?

Wall out of amakanPhase 3 Home wall

Amakan is crafted into rolls which are approximately 8m in length. The rolls of this matting are soaked in the sea for one day, which naturally provides protection to the material from termites as well as removes any residual sap from the initial harvest of the bamboo.
Amakan roll
Amakan rolls
After setting the rolls of matting in the sun to dry, the rolls are ready to be incorporated into the Phase 3 homes. The patterns of fibers can take on many shapes and add a splash of natural beauty to the interior and exterior of the houses.

Amakan is a prime example of one of the many materials we choose to use that highlights the overall environmental, cultural, economic and social sustainability of our housing project.

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