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JCI Manila Sea of Life Program to support YPDR Marine Restoration Program

Last weekend representatives of JCI Manila organization visited YPDR camp with a purpose of checking out our Marine Restoration Program. What was intended to be a simple weekend turned out to be a gathering of epic proportions.



A partnership based on friendship and mutual understanding was quickly formed with JCI MANILA SEA OF LIFE over a celebration of love, life, and all things ocean. We are excited beyond words about this dynamic collaboration of creative,talented and compassionate individuals.

Our Marine Restoration Program officially launched yesterday as JCI assisted with our first deployment of fish domes. Created from limestone and bamboo these fish domes are natural structures which provide fish a place to dwell and flourish as well as offer local islanders an opportunity for employment in helping restore the waters of their native land.An idea inspired months ago by the construction of a simple boat, or low-impact oceanic research vessel has snowballed into a livelihood initiative with environmental, economic, cultural and social roots of unprecedented importance.

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Years of dynamite fishing in the seas surrounding Bantayan as well as the often overlooked underwater destruction of Typhoon Yolanda has estimates of remaining hard live coral at 3-20%. This is an alarming amount of devastation and we here at YPDR are honored to be part of the JCI dome dropping program and look forward to co-creating further long-term solutions together in the disaster resilience arena. Stay tuned for more details.

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