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Meet the YPDR Team. Gerry Caraballe

For our 2nd entrance in our ‘Meet the YPDR Team’ series we interviewed Gerry Caraballe, the legendary international driver of YPDR, his smile and laugh infects everyone who comes here. Let’s see what he had to say.


Good to see you Gerry, thanks for talking to us. First off could you tell our readers about yourself.

About me? Ok, no problem. I’m local here to Bantayan, but I worked in Palawan for some time. I was a fisherman then. Then I came back here, did some driving work, yeah. My wife, she’s from Bantayan, we have three kids. Haha that’s it.

Ok, so were you here when typhoon Yolanda hit? 

Yeah I was here. Can’t forget that.

Who can. How did you become involved in YPDR?

I saw a sign, yeah. Outside basecamp. Said you need a driver. I’m a good driver, international license, haha. So I applied, got the job.

So what do you drive in YPDR? 

The truck, always a lot of places to drive to. Take the teams to the job site. Pick up materials. Truck is always busy. Drive people to fiestas after work, haha.

What’s your favourite aspect of your job?

The salary! Haha. YPDR gives a lot of work to people here. It’s good, need more jobs here. Everyone’s happy on payday. We have a big team.

How long will you stay working in YPDR?

Until I do something wrong, haha. Just joking. No plans to leave, it’s a happy job. Big family here. Could work in Palawan again but this is home. It’s nice.

You made a lot of friends here?



Thanks Gerry, I’ll let you get back on the road.

Haha. Yeah, ok. Bye!

Short but sweet. Stay tuned for our third interview, where we will talk to another member of the YPDR family.

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