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The storm-strengthening techniques for Phase 3 House

Designed in partnership with University of San Carlos, our Phase 3 storm-strengthened houses are comprised of selective construction components and techniques which all lend a hand to the integral quality of these typhoon -resistant structures.


Metal strapping connects the purlings to the trusses and is also woven into all key structural joints on the house to prevent separation during strong winds.


Slanted wall designs decrease the chance of wind catching under the over hang and potentially damaging roof, while cross-bracing protects the house from being pushed or pulled apart.


The hand-poured foundations are set two feet deep in the soil with a foot wide “boot” designed to help anchor the house in extreme weather conditions while the raised upper living area provides sanctuary from possible flooding.


These shelters also contain the ability to be unbolted from their foundations and transported to new ground in the event of re-location scenarios. Built from the heart with locally-sourced materials, our structurally sound homes are beautiful inside and out.

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