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Meet the YPDR Team. Aurоra Alferez

Week 4 goes to a very special lady, Aurora Alferez. Our camp momma who’s looked after the team since day one and is an irreplaceable part of the family and member of the YPDR board. If you ever ask her how she is, her answer is “Always good”.


Hi Aurora. Thanks for taking the time to talk!

It’s ok, no problem

So, can you tell us a little about yourself?

Hi, I am Aurora Alferez, I’m married and have four kids. Before I was working in the municipality [government in Santa Fe], then I was working doing massage and also the caretaker of the Roska family property. They are also helping the Typhoon Yolanda victims.

Were you in Santa Fe when Yolanda hit?

Yeah, during Typhoon Yolanda I was here with my family. We were very scared at that time. We were lucky, after Yolanda it was ok, but during that time we were very scared. Lots of typhoons come here but that’s the strongest one. Very very sad. Even now my little Cha Cha [aged 3] is still screaming when it’s windy.


Hopefully little Cha Cha will get better with time, poor thing. Aurora, can you tell us how you met YPDR? 

After Yolanda, after one month. The typhoon was November 8th and on December 8th the YPDR team arrived in Santa Fe to help. They were in contact with the Roska family, so I was the one receiving them when they came, because I was the caretaker of that beach house where YPDR camped at the start, for nearly two months.

When YPDR came, they hired me as a cook, as a mamma, as everything! It’s been good, so happy with them. Not only happy, but because of them, I have a house now. So we are very thankful; my family, not even just my family, all the people here. Almost everyone in Santa Fe, almost everyone on Bantayan Island are very happy when they heard about YPDR.

That’s great! Ok, so one last question, what’s one of your favourite memories about working here in YPDR?

Yeah ok. My favourite memory in YPDR? It’s my greatest dream in my life. After meeting all the volunteers and nice guys. Beautiful and handsome people. During my birthday this January 8th, we celebrated, went to a Karaoke Bar. Really very touching night.


That must have been a good night! I suppose I better let you get back, or I won’t be very popular with all the hungry people in camp!

Haha, it’s ok. I just want to add a thanks. Thank you so much to YPDR and PAH for helping us and for helping our family, especially my little Cha Cha. Thank you so much guys.

Such a sweetheart. Next week, we’ll be talking to another foreign volunteer. Tune in! Not that you can tune a webpage….

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