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Our beautiful new bamboo 'kubo' on the beach.

Our beautiful new bamboo ‘kubo’ on the beach.



As much of the world is talking of overpopulation and us running out of resources, along with global warming and climate change, some are beginning to focus greatly on sustainability and protecting what planet earth provides for us, while others are reversing the damage already caused by the greedy and the thoughtless. This includes but is not confined to overfishing and destruction of the marine environment; pollution of land and waterways due to wreckless mining, oil exploration and deforestation as well as the ever increasing monster that is plastic waste.

New bamboo delivered. YPDR.org

New bamboo delivered.

Among the activities and actions that are aggressively pursued by us here at YPDR.org on Bantayan Island in the Philippines are beach clean ups and recycling where possible. Thanks to our generous sponsors at GrowlerUSA.com (America’s Microbrew Pub) and SkydiveCebu.com we conduct weekly beach clean ups around our island. Another initiative is the sustainable harvesting and use of bamboo in our everyday projects. Recently we were so fortunate to be gifted a bamboo supply by two families on Bantayan, the Villacastin family and the Cobarrubias family to whom we are very grateful. By harvesting the bamboo plant in a specialised way, we actually contribute to the health and growth of the cluster in general. We use bamboo in various ways, from furniture to construction to maintenance to smaller decorative objects.

New bamboo being skinned and turned into furniture. YPDR.org

New bamboo being skinned and turned into furniture.

Bamboo, which is a member of the grass family, has many species. Some species can grow up to a meter (almost 3 feet) a day in length, making it the fastest growing plant in the world. When harvested properly it provides a rapid supply of sustainable material to be used in construction or ornate furniture and other objects. Here at YPDR we use bamboo in our marine restoration programme and in our emergency housing. Having been so kindly given a generous quantity of bamboo we intend to use it as we help and employ more people on Bantayan. The photos on this page were all taken of work done by our YPDR staff.

One of the great things we do at our organisation is allowing groups of students to visit our base camp and experience life at our NGO and on Bantayan in general. We have already hosted visitors from Cebu island, Japan and China and we plan to further expand this idea in 2016. Of course more students require more places to sleep, therefore our carpenters are current manufacturing a number of bunk beds at our location. These are skilled men who have been with us for some time and know the techniques for making durable furniture;

Relaxing after another productive day at YPDR.

Relaxing after another productive day at YPDR.

For more information and to find out how to donate to our exciting projects;

Facebook.com/YPDRYPDR (Like us)
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