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Damage Survey of Bantanyan Island

  Helimission took us up to do a damage survey of Bantanyan Island and its outer Islands – what we found was heartbreaking. Help support us build storm strengthened shelter homes, and rebuild the Island’s schools by visiting www.ypdr.org

Polish Humanitarian Action Project

  Here’s a look at some of the houses that YPDR has built in conjunction with Polish Humanitarian Action (PAH). This project is going strong with more pictures to come! Help us continue to build homes by visiting www.ypdr.org

YPDR Puppeteers!

YPDR now has a puppeteer crew to help with our beach cleaning program. The team has been putting on shows to help teach the kids about keeping the environment clean. The puppet show involves a trash monster and fun songs about the environment that get the kids involved!

Santa Fe High School Progress

Today YPDR got to work on Santa Fe High School and Elementary School. The team removed debris, did some landscaping, and built trash bins and banners. Both schools are showing a night and day difference from the way they looked when the YPDR team arrived on Bantayan Island.


It’s a collaborative effort here on Bantayan Island! Today YPDR worked in conjunction with one of our partner organizations, SAMU, to provide medical treatment to 107 people in desperate need in Barangay Sungko. YPDR located patients for SAMU’s medical professionals during surveys that we were conducting to review the progress of the homes we are