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Katlyn Murray on Monster Radio BT

Katlyn Murray on Monster Radio

Today our media director Katlyn Murray was interviewed by DJ Jon Chang on Monster Radio BT 105.9 in Cebu. Katlyn spoke about YPDR programs and the need for ongoing support to help the people affected by Typhoon Yolanda

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Pioneer Power Hour Radio Show. Ep. 17

10th of September, 2014 – Episode 17:

Here’s another podcast of YPDR’s Pioneer Power Hour at Radyo Natin 102.9. For this radio show, our hosts Katy and Nick went looking for evidence of the global bayanihan spirit here on Bantayan and found that it is alive and well here on the island. They interviewed Glenn Zimmerman of Christian Aid Ministries and Hugh Wolton, people from different countries, age groups, and backgrounds, about the projects that they are participating in on Bantayan Island and why they both had the desire to travel abroad and help. Listen to what they had to say here:

Pioneer Power Hour Radio Show. Ep. 16

30th of July, 2014 – Episode 16:

Listen to this week’s entertaining and informative Pioneer Power Hour radio show with hosts Nick Brown and Hanah with-the-Hammers Duk-Duk-and-Uk-Uk Mae Sevilla. For this episode we have Rey Bantigue Jr. and Juditha Epis as special guests. Rey is one of our office staff and part of the Fundraising Team whilst Juditha is one of the women working for our Kataw Handicrafts Livelihood Project.

Nick and Hanah give updates on YPDR’s housing, school, retrofit, livelihood and marine habitat projects, as well as our participation at the upcoming Pistahan Festival. Rey and Juditha share anecdotes and their experience working with YPDR. Oh and there’s a bonus nutrition tip on how to purify water using “malunggay” (moringa) seeds!

Pioneer Power Hour Radio Show. Ep. 15

23th of July, 2014 – Episode 15:

Today’s Pioneer Power Hour gets extra love and care as our host Nick is partnered with his real-life partner Joyce Pacquing, who is also a full-time volunteer for YPDR.

In the absence of our usual lady hosts Katy and Hanah, Joyce comes in as a special guest for the show. Together with Nick, they talk about updates on YPDR’s projects which includes our participation in the upcoming Pistahan Festival in San Francisco. They also get a little personal with some words on relationship, living sustainably in an eco-village, and life as a couple.

Pioneer Power Hour Radio Show. Ep. 14

16th of July, 2014 – Episode 14:

Today Pioneer Power Hour welcomed a new local Bantayanon co-host, Hanah with the Hammers! Hanah Sevilla, one of our office administrators, injected the show with some local flavor and some much needed Cebuano translation.

Our hosts Katlyn, Nick, and Hanah interviewed YPDR Board Member, Camp Chef, and Resident Mom Aurora Alvarez about our organization’s recent provincial accreditation in Cebu, her experiences with YPDR, and what has been like to be the adoptive mother of the 200+ volunteers that have come to help on Bantayan Island with YPDR.

Pioneer Power Hour Radio Show. Ep. 12

2nd of July, 2014 – Episode 12:

On this episode of Power Hour Radio Show YPDR Director, Joseph Ferris III, and YPDR Chief Logistics Officer,Richard Cueva, spoke about YPDR’s Marine Restoration Program.