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Pioneer Power Hour Radio Show. Ep. 11

25th of June, 2014 – Episode 11:

Today, our hosts Katy and Nick interviewed Matt Owen, a former YPDR volunteer and current staff member who was with YPDR on the first day we arrived on the island, about his career as an aerial survey photographer in Australia. Matt spoke about UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) technology and how it can be used in disaster relief scenarios.

Pioneer Power Hour Radio Show, Ep.9

4th of June, 2014 – Episode 9:

Goodbye, Mucho Dinero! In the last show before YPDR’s Media Coordinator Carlos Lopez leaves Bantayan Island to do fundraising in United States, he and Media Director Katlyn Murray interview Marketing Director Laura Scalet and Special Project Consultant Nick Brown about an 11 million peso shipment of medical supplies, which YPDR had delivered to health care facilities around Bantayan Island the day before. The group also discussed the influence of media in disaster response.

Pioneer Power Hour Radio Show, Ep.8

28th of May, 2014 – Episode 8:

Site supervisor Ricky Dio, Carpenter Noah Schreiber, and Chief Operating Officer Marshall Mayer speak about the evolution of our Housing Program in partnership with Polish Humanitarian Action.

Pioneer Power Hour Radio Show, Ep.7

21st of May, 2014 – Episode 7:
Today’s show featured YPDR’s foreign unpaid staff members Richie Fenner, Malia-Kelly White, Kersten Johnston, and Julie Thorne who spoke about why they flew from across the world and donated their time to work with YPDR after Typhoon Yolanda. Our guests spoke about their experiences with YPDR and shared some very heartwarming stories along the way. The show also featured updates on current YPDR projects and events.

Pioneer Power Hour Radio Show, Ep.6

14th of May, 2014 – Episode 6:
Marshall Mayer and Nick Brown took to the air in Madridejos to discuss the ways that YPDR is working to Build Back Better, and to talk about easy, inexpensive, and effective ways that people rebuilding their own lives and livelihoods can Build Back Better for themselves, from construction techniques to the importance of backyard gardening.

Pioneer Power Hour Radio Show, Ep.5

7th of May, 2014 – Episode 5:
This show featured YPDR volunteer Timothy Simons, one of our project managers, and a new YPDR volunteer, Magdalena Fijalkowska, who happens to be a radio journalist and host in the public radio from Poland.

Timothy told us about the YPDR Environmental Restoration Program that seeks to facilitate the restoration of marine habitat surrounding Bantayan Island. And Magdalena was more than delighted to co-host the show and present her interviews with the local part of YPDR team.