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Kataw Handicrafts

Kataw Handicrafts is a collective of the women of Bantayan Island in the Philippines producing a variety of craft items all utilizing the natural products local on the island. “Kataw” means mermaid in Visayan, Bantayan’s native language.

Our workshop employs local trainers to guide a team of women in creating various forms of handicraft, packaged and sold to people from all over the world.

Kataw handicrafts started as a project to empower the women of this island, to allow women who face harsh employment prospects a chance to utilize their skills into a sustainable business. All the money raised from these sales go directly back to the women of Kataw, and YPDR’s marine restoration program. Putting back into the ocean right at it’s heart in the Philippines.

By supporting Kataw Handicrafts, you aren’t supporting any middle men or profiteers, you are purely supporting the women and their families of Bantayan, and the marine population!

Coming soon: Kataw Handicrafts e-shop!