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Livelihood Program

YPDR’s shelter program is about more than just shelter, it’s about sustainable livelihoods and building
community resiliency. All of our carpenters receive thorough training on ‘Building Back Safer and the Best Practices of Typhoon and Earthquake Resistant Design’, improving their skills, knowledge, and employability. Bantayan Island saw great results as the techniques we taught were widely adopted in the communities we worked in. Many of our workers were also trained in the use of power tools. After being employed and trained by YPDR, the majority of our unskilled laborers develop the technical
abilities of skilled carpenters. Many of our skilled carpenters gain management experience, giving all our construction staff increased opportunity for future employment and higher earning potential

Project: Handicraft

The objective of our Kataw Handicrafts Project, is to provide a sustainable livelihood opportunity for the women of Bantayan island. Livelihood projects are a critical component of securing a more stable future for our beneficiaries and women in our target area have far fewer opportunities than the men. Our workshop employs local trainers to guide a team of women in creating various forms of handicraft, all utilizing the natural materials available on the island. The women decided on the name “Kataw” for their products, which is Visayan for “mermaid”. With a brand put together, we help the women to package and sell these to people from all over the world. The revenue then goes back into the workshop, paying wages and buying the materials to continue making crafts.